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    Day in the Life Film

    Day in the Life - this is a new session option this year!  As a mom of teenagers I know just how fast time really does fly.  It's those little everyday things that one day you'll want to look back on and be reminded of all the beautiful...and not so beautiful moments that will one day become a distant memory.  Getting ready in the morning, family breakfast, the drop offs, practice, coming home from work, making supper, bedtime, my goodness there is a lot that goes into a day!  We'll pick and choose what's most important and I'll be a fly on the wall capturing it all...even the meltdowns...cause let's face it, that would truly make it a day in the life. Day in the Life Sessions include 100+ digital images, 6-10 minute film, 16x20 print of your choice & photo album designed by licia! [embed]https://vimeo.com/574917694[/embed]
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    Family Film

    Family Film Session - We'll spend 2-3 hours together doing your favorite activities as a family. It can be as simple as snuggling in mom & dads bed talking about all the things you love about each other, baking cookies in the kitchen and your time at the beach. Family Film Sessions are a great way to capture your family as they are at this very moment doing things together that allow for family connection. Family Film Sessions include 75+ digital images, 3-5 minute film, 16x20 print of your choice & photo album designed by licia! Check out the Nathe Family Film below. [embed]https://vimeo.com/656612227[/embed]
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    moving portrait

    Moving Portrait Session - This is a great introduction into film sessions!  We'll spend an hour together at a location of your choice be it your home, favorite hiking path or downtown. Maybe you enjoy family hikes, splashing in the lake or reading books together in the middle of a field on a picnic blanket.  Of course, we'll get the "everyone looking" photo, but we can also tell a story with your images + film. Moving Portrait Sessions include 35+ digital images, 2-3 minute film & a 16x20 print of your choice. Check out the Momsen Family Moving Portrait below! https://vimeo.com/578130735