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family film + photo

Family Film Sessions

When families invite me into their home where they are most comfortable and vulnerable we start to unwrap the magic that is their family’s story.

In the end, you’ll find yourself with a love-filled, emotional, and connected film and photo gallery.

take a look at some of our recent sessions.

I offer two Family Film options each with their own unique purpose but all include the following


Connections that you don’t even know you’re missing.  When families tuck away all the distractions in life and you’re not forced to act a certain way, it allows moms & dads to see their beautiful children and all the things that make them special. 


To tell your story best we’ll have multiple conversations prior to your session date.  My goal is to get to know you all on a deeper level and make sure you have a full understanding of what to expect including what to wear and where we’ll shoot.


Your film will be artistically crafted by me with a lot of love and passion poured into it.  I use licensed music, audio from our time together and color grade to match my style. We’ll capture all the magical moments and merge them together to tell your story.


Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the photos.  You’ll receive a beautiful photo gallery of images to hang on your wall, place in photo albums and share with loved ones. If you desire we’ll take some time to focus on photos and then go into the film where I’ll capture additional photos from the film.


Your memories will be shared with you on a digital platform as well as a hand crafted USB + box and print and/or photo album.


Time is the one thing you can’t slow down or get back. When you think about what matters most, it’s the people you surround yourself with.  Family Films are a beautiful gift you can give yourself but more importantly the generations to follow and the legacy you leave behind. Your story is worth holding onto and being reminded of. Have you ever dreamed of what your family film might look like?

Moving Portrait

{Now booking for 2024}

Moving portraits are a simple introduction to family films & capturing life’s milestones.

  • One hour family session
  • Pre session planning and collaboration
  • Family Film (approximately 2-3 minutes long) + Photo Gallery
  • Usb + Wall Print

Investment: Three payments of $300

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Family Film

{Now Booking 2024}

Family Films capture families connecting doing what they love most with who they love most. We’ll take our time capturing the little moments, the magical moments, and gather audio that will have you craving the sound of that voice once more.

  • Two to three-hour family session
  • Pre-session planning and collaboration
  • Family Film (approximately 3-5 minutes long) + photo gallery
  • Handcrafted keepsake box + USB + wall print or photo album

Investment: Three payments of $400

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